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After completing sign up, you will arrive at your Google Apps Dashboard. From here you can create new users and manage your email as well as other free Google Apps. From here you will take steps to activate your email, verify your domain ownership, and setup your email address.

For the next steps you will need to know the following:
  • With what company is your domain registered? (ex: Network Solutions, GoDaddy, or other ICANN Registrar)
  • What are your domain's current DNS (Domain Name Servers) settings?
  • Do you currently use email addresses with this domain?
  • Have you received a confirmation email that your MissingInk hosting account been setup?

To help answer some of these questions (such as registrar and DNS) enter your domain here ( ex:domainname.com ):

The next steps are highlighted in the screenshot below. Please take note of their locations.
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